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How do you go about selling your business? You can rely on our extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions.


We understand the delicate nature of selling a business and we can market your business without staff, customers, vendors and competitors knowing.


We guide business owners through all stages of a merger or acquisition process. 


A key aspect of our work is developing an attractive value proposition for prospective buyers. Our primary value to you is in utilizing our broad market knowledge to profile the pool of prospective buyers, conduct market research, and present an honest and convincing account of the value of your business.


As the process unfolds, we join forces with the appropriate banks, legal firms and other financial services firms. At this stage, we are primarily focused on building communication with the relevant parties and preparing negotiation strategies tailored to your particular situation.


Once the deal closes, we ensure that plans are executed in accordance with the purchase agreement. We verify that both the buyer and seller are satisfied and positioned for success, which includes help with transition services, as needed. In essence, the aim of this final stage is to make sure that the goals of the deal have been accomplished for all parties.

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