Confidentiality is critical to protect the value of your business and keep customers & employees happy.

We understand the need for confidentiality which is why we give you the option of either marketing to our exclusive private network of investors or listing anonymously on a nationwide basis.  

A private sale is often faster and very discreet since few will know that your business is even on the market. Thanks to our exclusive network of high-net-worth families, private equity funds, and professional investors, we can solicit bids for your business from a small and select group of buyers. Your business is quietly marketed without affecting day-to-day operations or hurting your ability to continue growing its value.

Another option is to take advantage of our national marketing program which promotes your company across many well-known business listing services. By carefully listing your business by region instead of hometown and never using your actual business name, your confidentiality is protected. This option often results in more bidders which might enable you to obtain a higher price than using a more confidential private sale network.

Our focus on working with quality businesses with revenues in the $1 – $10 million range enables us to provide a high level of focus and attention to business owners throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.